[RndTbl] Worst. Keyboard Layout. Ever.

Vicki Nemeth vicki at vickinemethwriter.com
Sat Jan 28 01:57:03 CST 2023

Love how crappy design is always so stylish. It looks like a vintage
business card. Oh my God, is that a watermark?

On Fri, 2023-01-27 at 22:45 -0600, Brian Lowe wrote:
> I saw this on another forum. A hospital somewhere in the US ordered a
> dozen HP 
> laptops for some physicians and nurses. When they arrived, they
> discovered the 
> "Power On/Off" button is shaped like just another keyboard key and is
> located 
> in the top row. Immediately to the left of the Delete Key. And just
> above the 
> Backspace key.
> And Insert?  It's the fifth key to the left of Delete, on the F10
> key. To its 
> right are F11 (which also has a glyph of a jet aircraft on it),
> F12/Dual 
> Screen Mode, Prt Scr, the aforementioned Power Off button, and
> Delete.
> The person who posted the message says the Power button instantly
> shuts down 
> the system when it's pressed, although I suspect this functionality
> can be 
> changed in Windows. However, it's the only power button on the device
> so they 
> can't simply disable it.
> Who the hell designs this crap?
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