[RndTbl] Worst. Keyboard Layout. Ever.

J. King jking at jkingweb.ca
Sat Jan 28 06:17:28 CST 2023

On January 27, 2023 11:45:57 p.m. EST, Brian Lowe <brian2 at groupbcl.ca> wrote:
>I saw this on another forum. A hospital somewhere in the US ordered a dozen HP 
>laptops for some physicians and nurses. When they arrived, they discovered the 
>"Power On/Off" button is shaped like just another keyboard key and is located 
>in the top row. Immediately to the left of the Delete Key. And just above the 
>Backspace key.

My own laptop has a PrntSc key above Backspace. I hit it accidentally with regularity, sometimes multiple times per day. I'll bet a power button instead would be so much fun.

>Who the hell designs this crap?

I suspect laptop keyboard designers have a special place in the seventh circle of hell reserved for them. This is a new low, though. 

Thanks for starting my day off on the wrong foot. :)

J. King

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