[RndTbl] Worst. Keyboard Layout. Ever.

Brian Lowe brian2 at groupbcl.ca
Fri Jan 27 22:45:57 CST 2023

I saw this on another forum. A hospital somewhere in the US ordered a dozen HP 
laptops for some physicians and nurses. When they arrived, they discovered the 
"Power On/Off" button is shaped like just another keyboard key and is located 
in the top row. Immediately to the left of the Delete Key. And just above the 
Backspace key.

And Insert?  It's the fifth key to the left of Delete, on the F10 key. To its 
right are F11 (which also has a glyph of a jet aircraft on it), F12/Dual 
Screen Mode, Prt Scr, the aforementioned Power Off button, and Delete.

The person who posted the message says the Power button instantly shuts down 
the system when it's pressed, although I suspect this functionality can be 
changed in Windows. However, it's the only power button on the device so they 
can't simply disable it.

Who the hell designs this crap?
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