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Adam Thompson athompso at athompso.net
Sat Mar 31 06:34:03 CDT 2018

I'm laughing because I've written the same tool for RPM, DEB, OpenBSD ports, Solaris pkg and HP-UX.
And at least the first 3 of them now have a built-in (or at least in the repo) tool for doing it.  You'd think it was a common task for sysadmins or something :-)

On March 31, 2018 2:38:01 AM CDT, Trevor Cordes <trevor at tecnopolis.ca> wrote:
>On 2018-03-30 Robert Keizer wrote:
>> Also just a heads u, I hacked together a quick parser ( in AWK thank
>> you very much ) for traceroute, to provide similar graphs.
>Those are both cool.  Graphviz is very handy.  I wrote a graphviz
>script in perl to visualize the rpm packages that require another rpm
>package, in a full tree from the latter.  Super handy for figuring out
>why some odd library or dependency is on your system, seeing the
>branches of the tree that you don't care about and can remove, and
>seeing the one branch that leafs at some app you can't live without :-)
>Use it all the time.  The links to things a few levels from a leaf are
>quite surprising, with bi-directional deps, wild leaps all over the
>place and even cycles.  Shocking rpm/yum/dnf even work at all.
>I made the mistake of running it on glibc and systemd once.  It'll make
>the png, but it takes an hour.
>I don't have it up on github or anything (could be tempted to do a tiny
>presentation on it at some future point though), I just wanted to add
>to the "neat things you can do easily with graphviz + awk/perl/lua"
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