[RndTbl] Neat tool - lsofgraph

Trevor Cordes trevor at tecnopolis.ca
Sat Mar 31 02:38:01 CDT 2018

On 2018-03-30 Robert Keizer wrote:
> Also just a heads u, I hacked together a quick parser ( in AWK thank
> you very much ) for traceroute, to provide similar graphs.

Those are both cool.  Graphviz is very handy.  I wrote a graphviz
script in perl to visualize the rpm packages that require another rpm
package, in a full tree from the latter.  Super handy for figuring out
why some odd library or dependency is on your system, seeing the
branches of the tree that you don't care about and can remove, and
seeing the one branch that leafs at some app you can't live without :-)

Use it all the time.  The links to things a few levels from a leaf are
quite surprising, with bi-directional deps, wild leaps all over the
place and even cycles.  Shocking rpm/yum/dnf even work at all.

I made the mistake of running it on glibc and systemd once.  It'll make
the png, but it takes an hour.

I don't have it up on github or anything (could be tempted to do a tiny
presentation on it at some future point though), I just wanted to add
to the "neat things you can do easily with graphviz + awk/perl/lua"

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