[RndTbl] Neat tool - lsofgraph

Trevor Cordes trevor at tecnopolis.ca
Sat Mar 31 21:07:42 CDT 2018

On 2018-03-31 Adam Thompson wrote:
> I'm laughing because I've written the same tool for RPM, DEB, OpenBSD
> ports, Solaris pkg and HP-UX. And at least the first 3 of them now
> have a built-in (or at least in the repo) tool for doing it.  You'd
> think it was a common task for sysadmins or something :-) -Adam

A tool that visualizes it in an image file, in a CLI graph, or just
makes it easier to find leaf nodes and unneeded packages (rpmreaper,

If you know of a rpm/yum/dnf visualizer, let me know its name!  I'd
love to not have to maintain mine.  When they switched from yum to dnf
and messed up some of the esoteric yum options my visualizer depended
on it was a real pain to convert.  On the updside, I got some patches
of mine included in the official release :-)

Oh ya, it's handy to have a visualizer that can go "both ways", either
down to the leaf nodes, or up to the root.  I find many tools go up to
the root (not nearly as useful, except in certain contexts), but not
down the other way.

Future MUUG presentation: dueling pkg dependency graphing tools

While we're blabbing about neat pkg tools: I also wrote a program that
goes through usr and var and finds files/dirs that aren't owned by any
pkg, guesses whether they are legit or stale, and makes it easy to
delete them.  RPM is pretty darned good about not leaving messes
behind in /usr, but even it screws up sometimes (maybe 100 leftover
files/dirs every 10 years of dist-sync upgrades? mostly dirs).

Imagine the same thing in Windows with dlls... hehehe.

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