[RndTbl] Windows X servers

Gilbert E. Detillieux gedetil at cs.umanitoba.ca
Wed Jul 26 12:32:51 CDT 2006

According to Michael J. Dikkema:
> Does anyone have any suggestions for a good X server for Windows? I
> preferred Xwin32 a long time ago, but haven't had the need for one since.
> A free one would be nice, but if there's major feature differences, paying
> for a licence is not really an issue.

I've recently been playing with Cygwin's X server, based on XFree86 (I
believe).  From a user's perspective, it seems quite reasonable.  I'm using
it mostly in rootless mode (where each X client runs in its own window,
managed by the Windows desktop interface), but it also supports rooted mode,
and XDMCP for making your system act as an X Window terminal to a remote
desktop manager.

Our local Windows techie set it up, so I've never done the setup from
scratch.  I understand it can be a bit tricky - certainly not as simple and
straightforward as a commercial solution, but it is free, and gives you a
whole POSIX-compatible environment (including local shells, ssh, etc.) under

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