[RndTbl] Windows X servers

Montana Quiring montanaq at gmail.com
Thu Jul 27 21:27:10 CDT 2006

I've been using X-Deep32 (www.pexus.com) with my Zaurus until I
reinstalled XP on my work computer. Now it appears that it's not free. I
hope I kept the install file. :) I'll let you know if I find it.

I've been tempted to try this one out:
...but haven't yet. Please let me/us know if you try it and find it works

"When I give, I give myself.”
-Walt Whitman

> According to Michael J. Dikkema:
>> Does anyone have any suggestions for a good X server for Windows? I
>> preferred Xwin32 a long time ago, but haven't had the need for one
>> since.
>> A free one would be nice, but if there's major feature differences,
>> paying
>> for a licence is not really an issue.

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