[RndTbl] Windows X servers

Dan & Michele ve4drk at shaw.ca
Wed Jul 26 12:16:36 CDT 2006

not sure if you had any replies to your query or not ...

There is Hummingbird Exceed:  (commercial)
I use that at work all the time .. tried and true for a windoze 
platform.  Cost you a few hundred...

and I once tried out this little cd image:  http://xlivecd.indiana.edu/
it worked quite well -- took a while to get things movin' along.

I've heard of this one before, but have no information to offer:
it's $25 i think...


Michael J. Dikkema wrote:
> Does anyone have any suggestions for a good X server for Windows? I
> preferred Xwin32 a long time ago, but haven't had the need for one since.
> A free one would be nice, but if there's major feature differences, paying
> for a licence is not really an issue.
> Thanks.

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