[RndTbl] Screen Resolutions in RH 7.1

Gilbert E. Detillieux gedetil at cs.umanitoba.ca
Mon Nov 19 17:43:40 CST 2001

According to Geek:
> Ok, this will be simultaneously posted in three different lists,m the
> TuxTalk list, the Talkabout mail list, and the MUUG Round Table list.
> Hopefully between these three resources I will find an adequate solution.

Hmm...  Hopefully the other lists were a little more responsive...
But, since there hasn't been any follow-up posting, I assume you're still
without a solution.

> I finally got a nicely running install of Red Hat 7.1 today, after much
> hassle and great help from those I know. The problem now is that the
> screen resolution is too small, and the GUI(KDE) looks quite grainy. After
> the install it was at 640x480, and a little run through of Xconfigurator
> brought it up to 800x600, but it is still not to what I am either used to
> or like. I want either 1024x768 or 1152x800.

You don't say what kind of video hardware you have...  What sort of video
card?  How much memory does it have?  What sort of monitor?  What's its max

When you ran the RH 7.1 installer, or Xconfigurator, did they correctly
detect the card, and the amount of video memory you have?  Were you able to
select your monitor from the list of available choices?  If not, did you
select a "Custom" monitor type, and key in the H-sync and V-sync ranges, as
indicated in your monitor's technical specs (in its manual)?

It's hard to know what to recommend as a solution without knowing what
you're dealing with as far as setup, and what you've already tried to do.

If the installer and/or Xconfigurator are guessing any of the settings
wrong, you may have to tweak the configuration after the fact by going in to
/etc/X11/XF86Config-4 with a text editor, and adjusting the incorrect
settings.  Hsync and Vsync settings should be easy to find in the Monitor
section of the file, and easy to set if you've got the manual or can find
the technical specs somewhere.

It's also possible that your video card is just not well supported by
XFree86, and you may have better luck with a different card.

> This is the last issue that needs to be resolved before I try to migrate
> to Linux as much as possible, with only absolutely necessary stuff being
> done in Windows. I tried various different sites, like Google and the
> Linux documentation project, but I have been unable to get a satisfactory
> resolution. Thanks in advance for your help, and I will post the best and
> most effective solution on all of these lists as soon as one is found.
> Thanks a lot in advance.

Good luck!

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