[RndTbl] Screen Resolutions in RH 7.1

Geek geek at geeksworld.net
Sun Nov 11 03:43:25 CST 2001

Ok, this will be simultaneously posted in three different lists,m the
TuxTalk list, the Talkabout mail list, and the MUUG Round Table list.
Hopefully between these three resources I will find an adequate solution. I
finally got a nicely running install of Red Hat 7.1 today, after much hassle
and great help from those I know. The problem now is that the screen
resolution is too small, and the GUI(KDE) looks quite grainy. After the
install it was at 640x480, and a little run through of Xconfigurator brought
it up to 800x600, but it is still not to what I am either used to or like. I
want either 1024x768 or 1152x800. This is the last issue that needs to be
resolved before I try to migrate to Linux as much as possible, with only
absolutely necessary stuff being done in Windows. I tried various different
sites, like Google and the Linux documentation project, but I have been
unable to get a satisfactory resolution. Thanks in advance for your help,
and I will post the best and most effective solution on all of these lists
as soon as one is found. Thanks a lot in advance.

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