[RndTbl] how do you install a adaptec ava1505 scsi controller

S/C Conway seconway at mts.net
Thu Nov 15 19:46:12 CST 2001

What is the process to install a scsi controller in RedHat 7.1?
       I have a workstation loaded and operational. I tried installing a
       controller (i/o=0x140, Int=10) to host a Sony CDROM burner with
       success.The parameters are jumpered on the board. I tried
       the card from a complete new linux installation and also tried
       installing the card after the OS is up and running. No success
       way. The card does not appear to be detected. RedHat indicates
       card is supported using aha152x driver.

       The card works. It now hosts a SCSI scanner and CDROM burner in a

       windows box.  If I can  successfully install the card I hope to
       eliminate that windows box.

       I was hoping someone had some experience with this type of
       installation and might offer a stepped process to success.


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