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Ian T. itschaotic at yahoo.ca
Thu Nov 15 23:47:18 CST 2001

 In the article below (see the link), I'm unclear as to what he is referring 
to as Red Hat's "proprietary directory technology".   If anyone has read the 
article or cares to follow up and comment, I'd appreciate it.  I'd like to 
more information regarding these issues.  If people have links to similar 
content please post it or contact me directly.  
Microsoft `Gets It': Does the Linux Community? - LinuxNews.com Features
 Posted by Dr. G.W. Wettstein on Thursday October 05 2000 @ 01:49PM MDT

 In light of all this, you can imagine our surprise and ultimate dismay when 
we see a major Open-Source player such as Red Hat choose to embrace 
proprietary directory technology. It's either a matter of not understanding 
the issue, not appreciating the issue, or having non-technology issues drive 
the corporate decision making process.
Cheers!  Ian.

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