[RndTbl] Need to borrow a SCSI Controller

Trevor Cordes trevor at tecnopolis.ca
Fri Jan 13 01:02:23 CST 2023

On 2023-01-12 Alberto Abrao wrote:
>  From my research, the end that goes to the drive may be HD68, and
> the other smaller end may be VHDCI.

VHDCI would be a bit weird on that cable at the HBA side (going from

> I can send some pictures tomorrow, if it helps.

Ya, you'll have to do pics, or just come on over one evening and we'll
make it work.  If you want to wait until after your trip and you're in
no big rush, could do it at the next-next board meeting.

Adam's note of drive termination may be correct and that will solve
that problem if you can crack open the case.  My idea of making the
thing internal by taking it out of its case is probably the way to go.
If you're cracking it open to flip a termination DIP then you might as
well just get it all running via internal.  Hell, you can probably just
have it hanging half out the system ("an internal external!").

You may have trouble putting together the required external cables from
MUUG members without ordering something (and waiting...) if you try to
make it work all-external.

> And would you have all parts for that "daisy chaining from hell?"

Checking checking... nope, not I; so another vote for an internal

You can always see all my crap at:
google site:tecnopolis.ca is your friend.

On 2023-01-12 Hartmut W Sager wrote:
> Wow, all this SCSI talk sure sends me down memory lane.  So, Trevor,
> let's add another twist:  You didn't mention the distinction between
> active and passive terminators.

Ha!  I was trying not to make Alberto's head explode.  On the bright
side, I've never actually seen a situation where the terminator
provided (or sitting in one of my boxes) proved inadequate.

On 2023-01-13 Adam Thompson wrote:
> Oh, and LSI did make the LSi20320IE chip, which is a PCIe Ultra320
> HBA controller – I see one on Amazon for only $115?!?  The
> overwhelming majority of Ultra320 and Ultra160 adapters were PCI-X

Ya, avoid the PCI-X if you don't have the slot.  64-bit PCI will work
on any board, however!

> A word of warning, if you’re buying a SCSI HBA (card), make sure you
> do NOT get a RAID card – those are often useless for tape drives.

Ya, good point.

> (If I hadn’t done a major purge 3 yrs ago when I moved, I would still
> have all the bits and pieces needed.  Oh well.)

Don't worry, much of your stuff is still here, and I'll let Alberto
know if he needs to thank you for the loaner part :-)

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