[RndTbl] Need to borrow a SCSI Controller

Hartmut W Sager hwsager at marityme.net
Thu Jan 12 22:12:45 CST 2023

Actually, my living hell back then was IDE.  SCSI made my life much more pleasant.  That stupid IDE master/slave stuff, and using a "suitable" controller from a suitable master (which never worked when you tried to use a CD drive as master), and finding which HD brand had a controller that would work with other slaves, and discovering that Fujitsu HD's didn't co-operate with anything else, etc.  Hell, never again!

Oh, and IDE itself aside, one nice Fujitsu HD failed when its powerful motor magnets got too close to the steel wall of a tower case.  Like, it was still at least 5 cm away!  That one took many days to figure out.


On Thu 12 Jan 2023 at 21:09:34 -06:00, Alberto Abrao <alberto at abrao.net> wrote:
> > Loving SCSI yet?
> All I remember about SCSI is that it was not for mere mortals. It was 
> *enterprise grade*, thus ungodly expensive, back in my neck of the woods.
> IDE wasn't as complicated, but it wasn't as high end. Easy for me to say 
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