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On July 6, 2018 10:20:18 PM CDT, Mark Jenkins <mark at parit.ca> wrote:
>> There are a few other resellers that I'm reluctant to mention here
>> because I don't know how they can legally do what they do. I'll let
>> others who know more comment on then.
>Some of the the big guys call it a "regulatory taking", they are forced
>as a matter of regulation to rent out their "last mile" to resellers.
>The "last mile" rental only gets traffic from your home to their
>The resellers use their own upstream from there.
>I'm quoting "last mile" as I heard that for people serviced by Shaw in
>Winnipeg you have to set up a point of presence in Calgary.
>Apparently the resellers now have to register which is step beyond just
>paying a tariff to the big telecoms.
>One benefit of this is that there is a search available for them:
>On this site, if you search for Winnipeg:
>There are 29 results including Shaw and MTS
>Not sure how many of those results are resellers of VDSL, ADSL and
>vs people doing microwave or building out their own fiber. Someone care
>to go through and count?
>CBC did an interesting story on why people are reluctant to switch
>despite cheaper prices:
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Wow, I've never even heard of some of these.  I have heard of Commstream, although I don't know much about ten technically.

It's the ones that prey on the "No credit? No problem!" market thatc worry me.

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