[RndTbl] Internet Service Providers

Mark Jenkins mark at parit.ca
Fri Jul 6 22:20:18 CDT 2018

> There are a few other resellers that I'm reluctant to mention here
> because I don't know how they can legally do what they do. I'll let
> others who know more comment on then.

Some of the the big guys call it a "regulatory taking", they are forced
as a matter of regulation to rent out their "last mile" to resellers.

The "last mile" rental only gets traffic from your home to their office.
The resellers use their own upstream from there.

I'm quoting "last mile" as I heard that for people serviced by Shaw in
Winnipeg you have to set up a point of presence in Calgary.

Apparently the resellers now have to register which is step beyond just
paying a tariff to the big telecoms.

One benefit of this is that there is a search available for them:
On this site, if you search for Winnipeg:
There are 29 results including Shaw and MTS

Not sure how many of those results are resellers of VDSL, ADSL and cable
vs people doing microwave or building out their own fiber. Someone care
to go through and count?

CBC did an interesting story on why people are reluctant to switch
despite cheaper prices:

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