[RndTbl] New O'Reilly Humble Bundle of books!

Trevor Cordes trevor at tecnopolis.ca
Fri Nov 25 02:34:51 CST 2016

Just like they did with No Starch Press, Humble Bundle has just offerred a 
new O'Reilly bundle with (up to) 16 *NIX ebooks for as little as $15 US$.  
Not bad.  None are their newest titles, but there's still a lot of good 
stuff in there.  And we all know that with *NIX most things don't go 

If my math is on target, you have until Dec 7-ish to act on this.

As with the NSP bundle, MUUG will be purchasing one bundle for DP 
giveaways.  (And I'll be buying a set for myself too, though like many of 
you I already have around half of them on paper!)

Thanks to Adam for originally spotting this.

Humble Bundle
Get a library of O'Reilly ebooks and support charity

You're not a Unix, are you?

+ 15 more great reference books
from our friends at O'Reilly!


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