[RndTbl] mailing list error

Trevor Cordes trevor at tecnopolis.ca
Fri Nov 25 02:24:28 CST 2016

Apologies, but the MUUG mailing lists may have delayed/deferred (or even 
dropped) emails to a very small subset of members since the mailman 
migration in the last 2 weeks.

If this applies to you you would not have received any muug mailing list 
emails during this time.  Some of them may have just come through to you 
as I have now fixed the problem.  Ones over 5 days (or so) probably got 

If you want to see the emails you may have missed, you can view them in 
the web interface:

This problem only affected people who have mail servers that a) have 
STARTTLS enabled, *and* b) have their servers set to only allow obsolete 
encryption methods.  If you can update your mail server to the latest 
version you will be less likely to have this problem in the future with 
other email senders.  This problem will not occur on the muug lists again 
because I have disabled opportunistic muug-as-client smtp encryption.

For those interested, the latest sendmail (which we may not be able to 
upgrade to for quite a long time) has an option to fallback to 
non-encrypted when the initial encrypted connection attempt fails.  That 
would solve this problem more cleanly on the muug side.  Not sure why this 
wasn't the default or available in sendmail the whole time, as the 
"encrypt or bust" paradigm we're stuck with in v8.14 is lame.

No worries though, as 99% of the net still happily doesn't TLS smtp.  It's 
more gravy than anything.

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