[RndTbl] Fedora upgrading

Trevor Cordes trevor at tecnopolis.ca
Thu Jun 2 23:21:28 CDT 2016

On 2016-06-02 John Lange wrote:
> you are using an enterprise management tool like System Center, it's
> The same applies to Windows desktop machines. And with Windows 10 it

Ah, yes, I should have specified Windows desktop, and I should have
also specified for home use.  Maybe I also should have specified
pre-10!  So pre-10, without fancy enterprise tools or a Server domain,
on desktop, say Win7... one cannot upgrade OS (say Vista to 7) without
a head and someone present onsite.

Would anyone here argue with me that maintaining Linux over major
version upgrades is a zillion times easier than Windows (pre-10,
especially without an enterprise environment)?  Who doesn't dread a new
Windows version and all the breakage (and newly obsoleted hardware)
that entails.  Every new Fedora I upgrade to I know will break 1-2
things *that will be fixable by me or errata'd soon*.  Every new
Windows and it's a trip to the hardware store to replace unsupported
peripherals, and for any broken/missing software features you just sit
back and take it.  (I speak as one who maintains for decades a constant
~100 Windows and ~20 Linuxen.)

And yes, I did intentionally leave the "head" ambiguous in the
original :-)  Sounds funny that way, and everyone here will know what
I'm talking about anyhow :-)

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