[RndTbl] Fedora upgrading

John Lange john at johnlange.ca
Thu Jun 2 11:42:43 CDT 2016

"To install an OS update? We're not talking day to day use here."

Correct. There are different ways this can be done but basically if you are
using an enterprise management tool like System Center, it's all automated.
In fact, you don't _ever_ need a monitor, not even for the initial OS
install. Just plug the server into the rack and power it on. The server
will auto-discover, install the OS, and become a host (or whatever you
want, it's obviously fully configurable).

Microsoft has tens of thousands of hosts in their data centers that get
updated all the time so obviously it's not practical to have a guy with a
crash cart walking around doing it manually.

The same applies to Windows desktop machines. And with Windows 10 it can
all be cloud based (instead of a on-prem System Center implementation).
Keep in mind, Windows10 is a massive IoT play for Microsoft and IoT devices
rarely have "heads".

This is obviously off-topic for this list so my appologies. If anyone wants
more details please feel free to contact me off-list.

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