[RndTbl] how to share/move sensitive data

Micah Garlich-Miller micahgarlichmiller at gmail.com
Wed Aug 24 06:54:44 CDT 2016

Hi all,

I seem to recall that there was someone in the group that needed to
share/move large amounts of sensitive data with other groups on the
interwebs.  (original film segments IIRC).

I'm wondering what was the general strategy? and what were the tools used?

What I do know so far:

   - It's about 400 GB, but I dont know the data structure as I haven't
   seen it yet.  ie, I'm not sure if its naturally chunked.
   - It's of a sensitivity that it needs to be crypted before being sent.
   - Sending on a crypted external harddrive is not acceptable in this

What I don't know yet that I think may be relevent:

   - What the target system OS is.
   - What the degree of technical sophistication at the client end is.

I'm hoping that we can get credentials at the target address, but we could
make it available via sftp (for example) on our end if necessary.

Sorry for the open endedness of the question and lack of details, but the
situation is also urgent and I'm expected to be working on it today.  I'm
grateful for any feedback.

Micah Garlich-Miller <micahgarlichmiller at gmail.com>
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