[RndTbl] WTB: dvd-r media

Trevor Cordes trevor at tecnopolis.ca
Wed Aug 24 00:17:14 CDT 2016

Still have some old DVD-R blank discs in spindle packages lying around?  
Maybe some you got at MUUG meetings in the past?  I want to buy those 

I'll give you $10 cash for full 50-pc spindles ($5 for 25, $20 for 100) 
for *namebrand* (Fuji, HP, Verbatim, Sony, etc) spindles.  If they are 
noname (ie Ridata, or any Tawain-Inc name) I'll give you 20% less.

Must be DVD-R ("dash R") not DVD+R, and not RW's.  If you do have a lot of 
+ or RW you want to get rid of, I may be interested also, but at a lower 
price as they aren't really what I'm looking for.

(I need them for my backup system.)

Just bring them to the next muug meeting and look for Trevor.

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