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Sean Cody sean at tinfoilhat.ca
Fri Jun 11 12:07:43 CDT 2010

The ITWatchDog device is neat as is the WeatherDuck.
As long as the device speaks SNMP that's all you really need.

We have used the APC NetBotz (new name for the product) in the past as well as something called a NetTherm from NOFWare (http://www.neurotica.com/wiki/NetTherm).

You can even salvage a bunch of those AVR Butterflies (they already have a thermister) and poll via serial (did that at my house for a while).  Sounds like a good assignment for the RealTime Systems students.  Free labour/research. :P

On 2010-06-11, at 11:57 AM, Gilbert E. Detillieux wrote:

> On 2010-06-08 23:07, Dan Keizer wrote:
>> One of the questions at the muug meeting today was about temperature
>> and humidity readings/monitoring.
>> The 1-wire devices are quite easy to use .. there are a few links I've
>> saved from prior here:  http://delicious.com/ve4drk/1-wire -- they're
>> about a year or so old ...
>> an interesting take is using the owfs (http://owfs.org/) with openWRT
>> ( http://openwrt.org/ ):-) yes -- you know it can be done :-)
>> I know another local who has used these .. he has a nice display and
>> info on how to do it ..
>> it is:  http://www2.ertyu.org/temp/conditions.php
> Thanks for the links, Dan.  Looks like a build-your-own solution, but I 
> was hoping for something a bit more turn-key.  Jun Ma recommended (via 
> private e-mail) the HWg-STE, which appears to be a small, network- 
> attached box that accepts 1-wire probes.  He included links to their 
> international web site (hw-group.com), as well as the Canadian 
> distributor (hw-group.ca), but no prices are listed.  I've e-mailed the 
> Canadian site, and will see what the price is.
> Brad Vokey's brother, Gord, recommended the TemPageR 3E, from 
> AVTech.com, which I had also already come across.  but their US $195 
> package includes a temperature-only probe.  To get humidity as well, I'd 
> be looking at more than the US $199 for the MicroGoose from ITWatchDogs.com.
> Other options I've found include the Newport (newportus.com) iTHX and 
> iTHX-SD, and the NetworkTechInc.com EnviroMUX-Mini, but they're more 
> expensive as well.  Someone I know at U of Calgary recommended a cheap 
> solution that came out of there called Phidgets (phidgets.com), but it's 
> also a build-it-yourself type of solution, which would also require some 
> programming.  (More effort than I want to put into it now, or that I can 
> justify doing on work time.)
> I'm thinking I'll order one MicroGoose from ITWatchDogs.com, and try it 
> out.  If it doesn't do what we want, I can try other options later, and 
> we've only lost a couple hundred dollars.
> Thanks to all who replied or offered suggestions at the meeting.
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