[RndTbl] Temperature/Humidty

Gilbert E. Detillieux gedetil at cs.umanitoba.ca
Fri Jun 11 12:03:41 CDT 2010

Minutes ago, I wrote:
> Jun Ma recommended (via 
> private e-mail) the HWg-STE, which appears to be a small, network- 
> attached box that accepts 1-wire probes.  He included links to their 
> international web site (hw-group.com), as well as the Canadian 
> distributor (hw-group.ca), but no prices are listed.  I've e-mailed the 
> Canadian site, and will see what the price is.

Just heard back from them.  The price is US $195 for the HWg-STE with a 
temperature sensor, and an additional US $105 for the humidity sensor. 
Looks like the MicroGoose is still the cheapest way to go for a 
packaged, plug & play solution.

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