[RndTbl] wireless access

VE4PER Andy ve4per at aim.com
Sun Dec 26 16:52:06 CST 2010

Anybody have a suggestion for improved wireless access. I have MTS 
Allstream unlimited EVDO access, allegedly.

During business hours their Portage La Prairie tower radiation coverage 
pattern getd shrunk to provide local city support as a priority over 
rural areas. This causes rural customers to get switched to old 1X 
towers whose BW's are worse than dial-up even. Latency just sucks bigtime.

They have made all sorts of promises about HSPA coming; first Sep 1st 
them Dec 1st now they have managed to drag their
butts into Mar 1st, if then.

Data for my merlin x720 card says 3.2 Mbps download and 1.2 Mbps upload 
yet I have consistently had to open trouble tickets for low speeds, 
since day 1. Of course with newer inet games and  devices being sold now 
it is even worse. It is so bad it doesn't download speedtests from 
either speedtest.net or speakeasy.net speedtest sites.

I have perused the forums and find comments that Xplorenet appears to be 
just about as bad for not delivering on BW promises or advertising.

I am not too far from Hwy 13 and Hwy 1 intersection and SkyCable/SkyNet 
says I am in a black RF hole for their service.

This partnership agreement between MTSAllstream and Rogers is almost 
turning into an agreement to keep Rogers from turning up their HSPA 
towers which I understand are allegedly ready to turn on.

Tends to keep the competition at bay.


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