[RndTbl] network problem

Kevin McGregor kmcgregor at shaw.ca
Thu Feb 14 21:13:36 CST 2008

Yes, you only technically need one address, but my point was you may 
need the second one because the cable modem won't reassign the first one 
to the second device. I was suggesting a free workaround for the way the 
cable modem works, not because you 'need' a second address.

Anyway, at this point I doubt it's the NIC. DHCP and port connections 
are all handled by the host OS's TCP/IP stack, not the card.

Dan Martin wrote:
> Kevin McGregor wrote:
>> Well, no. By default, Shaw gives out one IP address per cable modem, 
>> so if you change the connected device from the original router you 
>> tried, to something else, it ignores the new device. Sometimes 
>> powering down the cable modem (and waiting... hours? Days?) helps, 
>> but the better solution is to call Shaw Internet tech support and 
>> tell them you want your free second IP address activated. 
> I only need one address.  I just need the NIC to get it.  I was trying 
> to bypass the firewall to see if that's where the problem was.
> I am guessing the firewall is NOT the problem:
> 1)  I can connect on another machine on the LAN that should be handled 
> the same way by the firewall.
> 2)  The second app used to work with the same firewall on the first 
> machine.
> Could a NIC 'partly' fail so that it can't accept an address by DHCP 
> and will fail with some connections but not others?
>> You may still have to power down and up the cable modem after they do 
>> this. Shaw provides all Internet users with two IP addresses, but the 
>> second one has to be activated on request.
>> After that, you can try plugging in your computer or other device to 
>> the cable modem to do tests - although I'd be loathe to do that with 
>> a Windows 2000 machine.
>> Kevin
>> Dan Martin wrote:
>>> I have a home LAN that uses a iptables firewall running on FC 4 on 
>>> my gateway machine.  I run Win2K on an internal LAN machine that I 
>>> use to run (among other things) 2 applications that contact remote 
>>> servers.  Using SNAT in iptables, everything seemed to run fine, 
>>> since all communications with the servers were initiated on my end 
>>> and return packets were appropriately translated back.
>>> ...
>>> I plugged my Win2K machine directly to the cable modem and 
>>> configured it to connect by DHCP.  I could not get an address for 
>>> it.  Shaw believes the modem is working and trying to assign an 
>>> address.
>>> ...
>>> It is suspicious that the NIC would not configure when plugged to 
>>> the cable modem - but everything else works.  I can browse the web 
>>> and get my mail.
>>> Is this consistent with a NIC failure?  could it be something else?

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