[RndTbl] OT? Promise RIAD controller issue

Raymond J. Henry rayhenry at autoclubs.ca
Sat Oct 20 01:27:58 CDT 2007

Good day. Wondering if anyone here has any working knowledge of Promise
RAID controllers? Have an issue with my Gentoo box, and thinking that I
should rebuild the array. Have mirrored 250 GB drives. The primary seems
all good, but the second drive is missing a partition and ALL data by
the looks of it.

Looking at the options in the card BIOS, I see drive 1 with 0 bytes
capacity, and drive 3 with 232 GB capacity. Am I correct in assuming
this is just to keep you from writing stuff to the primary drive? If so,
then I simply want to go ahead and rebuild the array mirroring drive 0
to 3, no?

Just though I should ask rather than guess. Wouldn't want my guess to
wipe it all out, and have to start from scratch.... :/

Thanks in advance.... :)

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