[RndTbl] Mac VNC

Glen Ditchfield GJDitchfield at acm.org
Sun Oct 14 21:56:52 CDT 2007

On Wednesday 10 October 2007 15:33:13 Bill Reid wrote:
> Is your Mom's computer connected directly to the cable modem or is it
> connected to a router?

It is connected directly to an Efficient Networks Speedstream 5360 ADSL modem, 
which apparently does not act as a router (unlike many other Speedstream 

On my next try, Apple Remote Desktop reported that "others can manage your 
computer using the address wnpgmb01dc6-yada-yada.dynamic.mts.net", and the 
Mac's IP number was a sensible value starting with 142 instead of 10.  I 
could use the Java tightVNC client to connect to Remote Desktop using the IP 
number, but it wouldn't connect to the 142.x.y.z address or to the 
dynamic.mts.net FQDN.

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