[RndTbl] Apache2 modules

Stuart Williams stuartw at mts.net
Wed Jun 7 21:34:53 CDT 2006

>>>>> Kevin McGregor writes:

> I'm trying to compile the mod_ntlm2 module, and it's failing to
> produce the mod_ntlm.so but I can't figure out precisely why. Does
> anyone have any suggestions?

> user at hostname:~/mod_ntlm# make install
> apxs2 -c -o mod_ntlm.so -Wc,-shared mod_ntlm.c
> apxs2 -i -a -n 'ntlm' mod_ntlm.so

I ran into a similar problem 9 months ago and according to my notes of
the problem and its resolution, I worked around it quickly by adding
the installation option(s) in the second apxs2 command to the first
one.  It's not obvious to me from the apxs2 code why this workaround

Stuart Williams.

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