[RndTbl] dual video cards for Linux

Shawn Wallbridge shawn at synack-hosting.com
Tue Feb 22 14:57:52 CST 2005

I would expect them to be much slower, but I can't really say since I 
don't run them. I had heard that the 8500 drivers were pretty good, but 
I haven't heard anything regarding the nVidia open source driver. I 
can't see how the open source driver (nv) could be anywhere near as 
good as the binary (nvidia) since they don't have the access to 
documentation that nVidia does.

I know nVidia is a really big supporter of Linux and does development 
internally using Linux (their Gelato 3D renderer was released for Linux 
first (at least the Beta was) and Windows later).

The reason they can't release an open source driver is because of 3rd 
party intellectual property (or code) that is in the driver. At least 
that is my guess.


On 22-Feb-05, at 2:40 PM, Spencer Kuziw wrote:

> Just curious -- how much worse (slower, buggier, etc..) are the open
> source driver for nVidia or ATI on Linux?
> Shawn Wallbridge said:
>> If you can get over the nVidia binary license, you could get a dual
>> head GeForce.
>> If not, you could look into the Radeon 8500, I believe their is an 
>> open
>> source driver for it.
>> shawn
>> On 21-Feb-05, at 8:09 PM, millward wrote:
>>> What would be a good dual video card for Linux?
>>> I'm not interested much in games, but it should
>>> be OK for movies. I'd prefer open source drivers,
>>> but I don't suppose there's much chance of that.
>>> It would be great to read a program's documentation
>>> on one screen while running it on the other. I'd
>>> get things done a lot faster that way.
>>>    Any information would be most welcome.
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