[RndTbl] Solaris 10 Presentation in Winnipeg (fwd)

Gilbert E. Detillieux gedetil at cs.umanitoba.ca
Tue Feb 22 11:18:47 CST 2005

Hi folks.

Those of you who were at the February 8th MUUG meeting might recall my
making a preliminary announcement about an upcoming presentation in Winnipeg
on Solaris 10.  Further details have since been forwarded to me, so I now
pass it along to you.  (This will be only two days after our next monthly
meeting, so I thought I should give you all a "heads up" in case you want to
register early.)

What was sent to me was a PDF attachment, but rather than forward that to
all of you, I thought I'd just extract the relevant text and include it
below...  (You can get the pretty pictures from their web site, if you like.)


It's Here.  Solaris 10.

Demanding businesses demand innovation that pays. Demanding businesses
demand Sun.

There's never been an operating system like the new Solaris(TM) 10
Operating System. It doesn't just promise lower operating costs and
better performance. It actually delivers them - and more.


Please join Sun Microsystems of Canada for a Solaris 10 Lunch & Learn,
as we bring one of our key Corporate Senior Engineers from the Sun
Kernel Development Group across the Canadian Prairies.

By attending this seminar you will learn about the benefits of the new
Solaris 10 OS and how it can help you improve performance and make your
operating environment more efficient and secure, while reducing

Regina, Saskatchewan	Wednesday, March 9th ­ Ramada Hotel
Winnipeg, Manitoba	Thursday, March 10th ­ Fairmont Winnipeg
Edmonton, Alberta	Wednesday, March 23rd ­ The Westin Edmonton
Calgary, Alberta	Thursday, March 24th ­ The Westin Calgary

On a scale of 1 ­ 5, with 5 being the most technical, this session is
rated a 4!

Join us from 11:30am ­ 2:30pm in a city close to you as Bryan Cantrill,
Senior Staff Engineer, does an overview of Solaris 10 and then a
deep-dive and demonstration of two of the most visible and meaningful
features in Solaris 10: Dynamic Tracing (DTrace) and Containers.

Register NOW at http://sun.ca/events/solaris10-seminar

SPEAKER BIO: Bryan Cantrill is a Senior Staff Engineer in the Solaris
Kernel Development Group at Sun Microsystems. His interests include
dynamic software instrumentation, postmortem diagnosability, real-time
kernel implementation and microprocessor architecture. Over his career,
Bryan has done work in many kernel subsystems; most recently, he (with
two colleagues) designed, implemented, and shipped DTrace, a facility
for systemic dynamic instrumentation of Solaris that won the Sun 2004
Chairman's Award for Innovation and was hailed as a "brilliant piece of
work" by SysAdmin magazine. Bryan received the ScB magna cum laude with
honors in Computer Science from Brown University.

Register NOW at http://sun.ca/events/solaris10-seminar


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