Trevor Cordes trevor at tecnopolis.ca
Sun Dec 18 07:02:47 CST 2005

Someone (I think Shawn) was asking about this last meeting.  I just hit
this problem (or one related) also.  Looks like MTS mail servers are not
accepting email from RBL'd (ie: all Shaw dynamic IP's) servers anymore.
If you run your own mail server on Shaw and you don't smarthost all
email, you'll have to add a rule just for MTS to your
/etc/mail/mailertable like:

mts.net                 esmtp:shawmail.wp.shawcable.net

and more for any mts-related domains (that all use the same MX) like

Note, this won't apply to most people with simple email setups: this
only applies to us weird people trying to run mail servers off of
dynamic IP's.

And, yes, leave it to MTS to do this in a non-standard way: they are
just dropping the connection giving 554 service unavailable when they
should be giving us a bounce with an indication we're being RBL'd so we
know what the heck is going on.

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