[RndTbl] Accurate Monitoring of system load

Theodore theodore at nerdzone.ca
Fri Dec 16 13:25:28 CST 2005

Not sure what kind of application you are trying to monitor, however if 
its PHP there are some excellent profilers out there. I used one once to 
figure out that 99% of my buddies code execution time was spent in dns 
lookups. I forget which one it was, I did an apt-cache search php 
profiler to find it anyways.

Theodore Baschak

John Lange wrote:
> Does anyone have any suggestions for accurate monitoring of system load
> on web servers?
> In the situation where you have a server which is hosting multiple
> applications I've found it next to impossible to determine with any
> accuracy what applications or pages within those applications are
> causing load.
> At any given moment its easy to see what is using CPU and memory. But in
> the case of a web server these are brief spikes that don't mean
> anything. Whats needed is a way to see what has caused the most load
> over a given time period (say the last 10 minutes).
> Does anyone have any suggestions for tools that can help determine load.

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