[RndTbl] Mandrake 9.1 and fbdev

Mike Pfaiffer mike at digitalcivilization.ca
Thu Jul 10 13:56:06 CDT 2003

	I want to start off by saying I did RTFM (or at least did a google search on 
the topic). Also what I want to do was working three weeks ago (before some 
errors and a reinstall). After a solid few days of reading I think I'm a 
little closer to understanding what I need to do. What I want it to be able 
to display video on an NTSC monitor/VCR from text mode. 

	I have a Radeon 7000 card with s-video. The radeon driver is installed. I 
also installed the fbdev driver. To get the graphics working the way they 
were I think I have to have both installed (I didn't do this before). 
Mandrake should be able to pick up the other monitor port and install the 
stuff necessary for fbdev automatically (as it did the for first few 
reinstalls). So far it looks as though everything is the way it should be 
except the /dev/fb0 file is missing.

	My current thoughts are I need to have the NTSC monitor actually connected 
and turned on for the install for it to be detected (it worked without doing 
this before). Any thoughts before I decide to do yet another reinstall?


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