[RndTbl] recording 78 to digital

millward millward at Ms.UManitoba.CA
Fri Jul 4 22:30:28 CDT 2003

   There's a program called gramofile that
was specifically made for 78s. The programmers
advise you to get a particular kind of turntable
I could never find. The last time I saw a turntable
that could play 78s was at a small company
called Columbus Radio Ltd. I think that if you
want to do a realy good job you have to buy
an audio mixer board, like those Behringer
Eurotrack devices at Mother's Music. The cheapest
one , the UB502, is $98.
   I have recorded a couple of 33 rpm tracks, and
some audio tape, to hard drive using Linux sox. and
software mixer, with the back of the sterio cabled
 to the sound card. It turned
out OK but not good enough to burn to CD. I think
getting a hardware mixer would help.
 It's important to have the correct
sterio connector from your source to the sound card.
I got mine at Radio Shack ( I'd give you the
specs but the its been packed away somewhere ).
For a week or two I couldn't get anything to work.
The problem was a defective cable! It was gold and
brand new. You can't trust anything these days.
  Good luck!

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