[RndTbl] XMMS and Red Hat 8.0 (psyche)

Mel Seder melseder at yahoo.com
Wed Oct 2 17:29:31 CDT 2002

Note copied from front page of xmms.org
if you are using Redhat 8 and the supplied RPMS of XMMS you will find
that it is not possible to load any mp3 files. Redhat was supposed to
have a placeholder plugin informing you of the change, but that seems
to have gone missing.
Available >> here << is some additional information and a mpg123 RPM
for Redhat 8 installation of XMMS.

Hopefully, I've made myself clear on this subject, since Redhat
apparently failed to get their message through.

Note to Notting: egg->face

Thomas Nilsson ( thomas at xmms.org )

When you go to the site >> here << will take you to a link to get the
new RPM version of XMMS.  Just do a "rpm -Uvh xmms..." to install it.

On my system I had to set the output plugin to be "OSS Driver 1.2.7"
and now it works fine.

MelSeder at yahoo.com
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