[RndTbl] Why *.i386.rpm?

Mike Pfaiffer mike at digitalcivilization.ca
Wed Oct 2 00:19:53 CDT 2002

Glen Ditchfield wrote:
> I've got RedHat 7.3 on an old computer with an AMD K6-2 processor.  Looking 
> through /var/log/rpmpkgs, I see that nearly every package came from an i386 
> rpm.  The exceptions are kernel-2.4.18-10.i586.rpm and 
> xmame-0.57.1-2.i586.rpm.

	Sounds reasonable.

> gcc 2.96 supports -march=k6, but the gcc info file doesn't say much.  Is there 
> any difference between -march=k6 and the intel equivalent (which would be 
> -march=i586, I think)?

	I don't think so. For the most part they are equivalent. There are minor 
differences but not worth worrying over. I run a K6 and it handles i586 
code fine.

> Are there any programs that would benefit from recompilation for the k6 or 
> i586?  I expect XFree86 would be able to make use of the MMX instructions.  
> How about AMD's 3DNow extensions?

	I don't know about X. The kernel would probably have some speed 
improvement after a recompile (then again it's already i586 code so 
don't bother). Individually I don't know if there would be much of an 
improvement over i386 code. Collectively if all the updates from RedHat 
could be grabbed as i586 there probably would be a noticable 
improvement. Recompilation of *everything* might be more frustration 
than it's worth though...

	Lately I've been looking either for the i586 updates when I need to 
resolve dependancies, or I've grabbed source and compiled them (with the 
make files). The choice is up to you if you want to follow the same 
practice. The rpms go in easier, but compiling the software produces a 
better result (while taking a longer time to get it installed).

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