[RndTbl] Anyone have any Captive Portal set-up experience?

Robert Keizer robert at keizer.ca
Mon Sep 12 09:46:11 CDT 2016

I've used simple dd-wrt captive portal and it worked.

I'm fairly certain the ubiquity has a similar feature that I've touched
with as well.

There are a few companies such as cloudessa that provide 'cloud captive
portal services'.. that might be what you're looking for. I can't vouch
for them at all though;


On 2016-09-12 8:45 AM, Bradford C. Vokey wrote:
> My nephew needs a recommendation for a captive portal service for a
> hotel.
> Has anybody ever set one of these up? Advice?
> Here are his particulars:
>> Hello to all who read this,
>> My name is Andrew Popowich, and I was encouraged to send an email to
>> this group in possibly getting some help. A hotel where I live, is
>> needing a Guest Splash page to appear whenever someone connects to
>> the wifi in the hotel. (Every time it is connected – I will explain)
>> The internet is through Shaw, getting 150 open internet if they don’t
>> have it already by now. We installed a Cisco RV320 (non WebFi unit)
>> to split the internet into 2 networks. ( – corporate //
>> no wifi) and ( – Guest wifi // no wired) We added a TP
>> LINK 750 as the router for Wifi communication, connected to a switch,
>> and then from the switch, 2 X TP LINK Archer C7 1750 as access
>> points(dhcp disabled), and an enGenius 2.4 Ghz outdoor Access point
>> (dhcp disabled) to spread more coverage. My question is this : What
>> can I add to economically get a splash page to show every time a
>> guest connects to the public wifi, including, when they leave the
>> hotel, and come back, they have to re-sign in to that splash page to
>> continue using the internet in their rooms ? I have access to
>> computer parts and etc, if a computer can be added in the line to do
>> this task, or will that idea even work ? Let me know if more
>> information is needed. I appreciate any help I can get on this,
>> Andrew Popowich p.s. I spoke with Shaw Business and they stated since
>> the hotel has 53 rooms, the cost for Shaw’s Managed Wifi service, is
>> $700 a month. And they would not be able to use ANY of the equipment
>> that we have added in the past 4 months, total of that being around
>> $2000.00 for equipment, and labor.
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