[RndTbl] Another workshop.

Sean Cody sean at tinfoilhat.ca
Sat Sep 10 13:40:03 CDT 2016

Given the confusingly fantastic response to the let's encrypt workshop, I am willing to do 1 or 2 more of the 30-45 minute workshops but am not in tune enough know what topics are of interest.

One person thus far is very interested in OpenBSD/PF training (while I'm happy to that's well... a lot of work and a weekend/half-day kind of topic) and the evergreen interest in networking (same deal as previous one... more of a half-day kind of thing).  If there is significant interest we can go that route later in the year and would require another person to help me with material.

The other caveat is that it will be a Friday, as I have child-rearing duties on Tuesdays until the end of the year.

Send me ideas  __(OFF LIST)__ of what you are interested in hearing from me on in within the IT/sysadmin/infosec space and we'll see what I can accommodate.

One easy one is setting up a pi-hole (https://pi-hole.net/, which is a fun 10 minute activity that is also pretty darned neat/useful).

Again what is the community interested in... cross-posting to MUUG.

Let me know... (off-list... was I clear there? :P)

P.S. A VERY cool buddy is ready to schedule a malware analysis workshop and his materials so far look pretty awesome.  Let me know (off list) to register interest.

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