[RndTbl] WTB: notebook IDE cable (old style)

Trevor Cordes trevor at tecnopolis.ca
Sun Dec 11 03:55:49 CST 2016

If anyone has an old cable for a notebook IDE hard drive sitting around, 
I'd like to buy it.  I know most notebooks didn't use cables, but you 
could buy them separately for bench testing, etc.

I need anything that has the dense/small notebook style 44-pin (22x2) 
~45mm width *FEMALE* connector.  The other side is irrelevant, whether 
it's dense F or M or normal IDE (desktop) size.  But the important side 
has to be female, and it has to be a cable, NOT an adapter on that end 
(due to space constraints).

If you find one, bring it to the muug meeting on Tue and/or notify me by 
email.  I can also pick up if required.


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