[RndTbl] Amazon price jacking

Trevor Cordes trevor at tecnopolis.ca
Thu Nov 19 17:37:57 CST 2015

Thought I'd drop the group a quick observation regarding Amazon.

I'm always on the eye out for O'Reilly books and keep an eye on Amazon 
pricing (both new and used) for the books in my want-list.

A strange thing just happened I haven't noticed before.  In the last .5 to 
1.5 weeks Amazon.ca jacked up the "new, sold by Amazon" prices on nearly 
all the O'Reilly titles I am watching (some recent titles, some ancient) 
about 20%!  In that time the CA$ went down by at most 2%.

My guess is it's one of three things:

1. Jacking prices up for Christmas because they can get away with it.
2. Jacking prices up before Black Friday/Monday(whatever) so they can 
claim their new prices are "sales" when in fact they are the prices from 2 
weeks ago!
3. They held back the CA$ pressure as long as they could then finally 
broke and jacked them up 20% in one go.

#3 seems unlikely because their prices fluctuate nearly every day, 
probably on the exchange rate.

Indigo prices seem to have followed Amazon, so it looks like this is a 
common book store tactic.

If you don't need a book for a present, might want to wait until January 
to buy as prices should drop by 20% again.  Even more if the CA$ ever 

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