[RndTbl] Book Apart order

Trevor Cordes trevor at tecnopolis.ca
Mon May 25 03:05:14 CDT 2015

I'm going to make an order for some (print) books from publisher A Book 
Apart (USA-based) and wondering if anyone wants to go in on the order with 
me.  If I can get 3-5 more books in the order I can save more money 
(bigger discount) plus split the shipping/brokerage over more books.  
Win/win if someone else wanted one of these books in print.

A Book Apart just joined O'Reilly for Safari/ebooks (but not print) and 
they seem to produce excellent products.  They seem heavily slanted 
towards web design (i.e. less programming) yet look interesting/useful 
enough for a typical do-it-all web site programmer.  Their schtick is to 
make books that are short and concise (100-150 pages usually).

If I can reach the 10 book mark it's roughly $13.75(ca$) a print book 
(normally $18us), plus shipping (should be only a few bucks a book), plus 
USPS/CP duties/taxes (should be under $2 a book).  So I'm guessing 
$17.50-ish a book (just a guess).  You pay actual costs divided by the 
book count, no markup.

Here's their catalog, with good writeups and a sample chapter for each:


The ones that look most useful to me are Web Typography and Respnosible 
Web Design.  It's extremely odd, but almost none of these books show up on 
Amazon/Indigo.  I guess they are a really new company trying to break into 
the mainstream.  (I'm in no way affiliated with them.)

Reply to this email (click reply to sender only) if interested, leave the 
subject line intact.  Thanks!

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