[RndTbl] Follow-up question re: MTA's

Dan Keizer dan at keizer.ca
Wed Oct 17 12:46:11 CDT 2012

A follow-up question of sorts -- I've been using gmail as my email
provider of choice for years -- so I've become accustomed to their
service.  I have a "spam" folder on my mailboxes and they filter and
route the emails into that folder if they detect it *may* be spam. I
regularly go through that folder and pull out the odd false-positives
that occur (yes, they occur all the time).

For those of you who have local mail via one of the big providers
(shaw/mts/etc) - if you use their email addresses (@shaw or @mts, /etc)
do they provide some kind of spam filtering service?  If so, what do
they do with the spam that they detect?  Do they file it somewhere, or
just let it through to your mailbox or delete it or??? 

Is there any consistency between providers or do they all do their own



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