[RndTbl] CIRA caching ancient glue records.

Sean Cody sean at tinfoilhat.ca
Sun Apr 1 12:53:21 CDT 2012

I'm having a strange issue (for a couple years) in that when my NS server change IPs (once every 2-3 years as I change ISPs) CIRA doesn't change it's glue records accordingly.

For instance... I move my NS servers ns1 and ns2 and of course their IPs change..

I will log into my registrar and try and have them update the zone (the two registrars I use have different behaviour).

After a day or so I can see the whois info changes yet the OLD IPs for ns1 and ns2 persist.

To get around this I have to come up with 'new' names for the DNS servers...

I've so far used up:

Does anyone have any suggestion on how I can ask cira to just flush all glue records so I can go back to my preferred NS names?
Taking out this root domain nerfs about a dozen other domains.

I'm about to just start chosing random strings for the NS server names but it is a bit much to ask folks to update their NS to joiafjsdpfoij.$domain.com. :P

This behaviour persists across multiple .ca registrars which leads me to believe something at CIRA is not being reset properly (ie. when registrar does a zone update they are not requesting a flush or something...).

I suppose I _could_ try moving my root domain to another registrar but again that will take me offline yet again and induce another bout of DNS rage.

P.S. Support at either canreg or domainsatcost has not been _any_ help so far.

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