[RndTbl] Speech recognition

Mike Pfaiffer high.res.mike at gmail.com
Wed Feb 9 23:00:27 CST 2011

	I've been thinking of something which may make my job as a writer a 
little easier. The end result is I'd like to bring up Open Office/ Libre 
Office and dictate what I want into a microphone. This way I can 
concentrate more on the information and less on the typos.

	There is some system software which will do this for the Mac (I'd 
prefer something for Linux) and there are some problems. Namely the 
small vocabulary and inaccuracy of recognition on some words (eg. Off 
--> On). There are a number of commercial products out there but being 
cheap I'd like something free.

	A half hour under Google produced a couple of suggestions. Pocket 
Sphinx and Julius. Both were apparently a little tough to get running 
and had sparse documentation (at least as of last year). Both are 
available in the Mint/Ubuntu repositories.

	Any comments?


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