[RndTbl] slowing httpd access to cgi-bin scripts

Gilles Detillieux grdetil at scrc.umanitoba.ca
Tue Sep 21 16:38:26 CDT 2010

I'm really looking for an automated solution.  I suppose I could set 
something up using fail2ban to do this, but as I've never installed and 
configured that either, I don't know if this would be any easier than 
any of the add-on modules for Apache.  For now, the quick addition to my 
CGI wrapper script will probably do the trick.

On 18/09/2010 8:09 PM, Brock Wolfe wrote:
>    I prefer the DROP packet by IP ADDRESS solution.  Simple and to the
> point.  Worked really well for me on abusive crawlers from china and
> russia.  8-)
> Brock

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