[RndTbl] wireless N router recommendations?

Gilles Detillieux grdetil at scrc.umanitoba.ca
Wed Sep 1 16:55:27 CDT 2010

Thanks, Mike and Sean, for your replies last Thursday.  I had been 
reasonably happy with my Linksys WRT54G until recently, but I find that 
lately it needs to be reset more than I'd like (once or twice a week). 
That and the wish for faster wireless data transfers (though no need yet 
for streaming, so bursty traffic is OK) and hopefully a bit more range 
prompted me to look into wireless N router options.  I had been 
considering the D-Link 655, even though it's not dual-band (and after 
what Sean said, perhaps dual-band isn't worth the extra expense), so I 
appreciate the positive feedback on this model.  I'm inclined to give it 
a shot.


On 08/26/2010 04:32 PM, Mike Pfaiffer wrote:
> On 10-08-26 02:22 PM, Gilles Detillieux wrote:
>> I was talking to Gilbert about recommendations for wireless N routers,
>> as I'm in the market for one.  I'm not particularly interested in
>> running custom firmware (just need good, solid, secure and reliable
>> wireless LAN and basic Internet support), so this post is perhaps
>> slightly off-topic in this forum.  But Gilbert did mention that there
>> had been discussion at a recent meeting about Wireless N antenna
>> strength, and some recommendations (mostly negative) about specific
>> routers, though he couldn't recall specific brands mentioned.
>> Any good dual-band models in the $70 to $130 price range?
>> Thanks,
>> Gilles
> 	I'm running a D-Link 655. It's OK. Reviews last year put it third from 
> the top from what the reviewers were looking for. I have to agree with 
> Sean. I can connect a USB NIC to my Mint box and it works well but if 
> there is a choice between G and N the NIC will choose G. To be fair I 
> haven't tried to force an N connection. This particular router has 
> gigabit (wired) capabilities. As to reliability... It was running for a 
> couple of months steady last winter.
> 	As coincidence would have it, I am running it now with a test machine. 
> If you'd like to try it out as is and you happen to be in Windsor Park 
> just East of WPC it is there and open. No internet connection though. 
> I've tried to make the SSID as obvious as possible. If you want to make 
> arrangements to see what it is like if we force an N connection, let me 
> know before Friday of next week when the machine goes back.
> 				Later
> 				Mike

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