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Kelly Leveille kel at kelweb.ca
Wed Feb 11 22:33:48 CST 2009

Hi All,

I had a few ideas about for the meetings I thought I'd air for others to
comment on.

Someone asked about "newbie" friendly topics, so how about a "command of the
month"? It might be fun to have a different person each month do a micro
presentation (10-15 mins max) on a single command. It should be enough to
introduce the command & then provide a couple brief examples of usage
scenarios. These presentations should be all demo (terminal) with no slides
required. This might be a good way refresh the memories of the more
experienced users, enlighten us "newbies" & would provide a not so stressful
way to get more of the group members to become "presenters". Finally, the
same command could be explored in more detail in the newsletter which might
encourage more contribution there.

Second, it might be a nice change to have the presentation during the first
half of the meeting, then take the break & finish with the round table. For
longer presentations, we could take the break after an hour & resume after
the break. This would allow "breathing room" for longer presentations as
well as a an opportunity for more focussed round-table session following the
presentation. As a side benefit, it would also provide the option of getting
home earlier (without missing as much of the presentation) to anyone who was
not able to stay to the end or not interested in the discussion that

I've been a member for a few years now but don't know if this approach was
ever tried.

Any comments?

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