[RndTbl] SyQuest SyJet1se

Shawn Wallbridge shawn at synack-hosting.com
Sat Jul 31 01:38:16 CDT 2004

The SyJet is a VERY different drive than the old SyQuest drives. This  
is a 1.5GB disk and it _does not_ take the old style cartridges.

I remember drooling over the SyJet back when it was competing against  
the original 1GB Jazz drive. They were really nice, but eBay is  
probably the best place to look for cartridges, IIRC they were about  
$150 new, so they are definitely not worth buying new cartridges.

If you are going to toss it, I would love to have one for my collection  
and I could pick it up.


On 31-Jul-04, at 1:03 AM, Mike Pfaiffer wrote:

> On July 30, 2004 03:49 pm, millward wrote:
>> I've recently aquired an old SyQuest SyJet1se
>>  1.5 G external drive with no cartridge. I suspect
>> the drive might work. Does anyone in the city
>> sell these cartridges anymore, or is this drive
>> dumpster filling?
> 	I have a couple of old 45MB cartridges clones which may work. We can  
> try one
> and see what happens. I understand the 80MB unit will use either 45 or  
> 80MB
> disks. If the 45 will work I might persuade a friend from BC to bring  
> a few
> more when he visits his parents in December.
> 				Later
> 				Mike
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